Thanksgiving to sooth the soul


I was not ready for Thanksgiving to arrive this year. Just because it comes at the end of November and I am feeling decidedly iffy about all that December will entail this year. The dates have been set. Plans have been made. A few days before Christmas we will pack up our house and move in with my parents so that we can be close to Caleb’s new assignment.


How are we all feeling about this? Well, there are mixed emotions for sure. Most days I go through the full rollercoaster. This is a big change for us and big changes are usually somewhat hard to swallow at first. At the end of the day I remember that this change means my husband will get to come home to his family every night. Pretty much anything is worth that.


But I’m only human so most days I’m a little mournful of putting almost everything in storage and saying goodbye to this house and this town where we have raised two little boys, two little doggies and learned so much about love and life. Perhaps moving is easier when you know where you’re going to end up, but that is an unknown for us. We are fully reliant on God’s direction. The greatest adventure of all.


So yes. I scrooged a bit about Thanksgiving… right up until we parked at the lake house and I got a whiff of golden light soaking through the trees and across the dining room table. It’s ridiculously hard to be anything but thankful with a view like that.

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Anonymous said…
So fun! Praise God for your fam! And I really love the picture of your boys on the log and the dogs peeking out from behind it. Hehe :)

Marian Frizzell said…
I'm praying with you and for you right now. My heart aches with you as you have to leave your sweet little home, but I also rejoice with you over getting to be with Caleb still. Also, that was a killer hand of rummikub Jackson had.
Anonymous said…
And I am so glad you can come live with us .....however short it will be. I feel so blessed to be close to my children. 123 me
Andrea said…
Always a teeny bit jealous when you post beautiful lake pictures. Praying this will be a season of beauty and blessing amidst your new challenges.